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The Jesse Safety Kit


Hello ?. This is a safety kit which is to be used along with out site information and alerts !

It’s a way of informing would be attackers or what have you to be aware that we are protected !
It is a identification patch clearly worn on your bag or backpack, shirt and or hat !
This symbol we hope will be a standard in the sense that if you do or intend to do harm this individual is protected !
We suggest wifi downloads trackers for yourself as well as purchasing a GPS to complete this Safety Kit !
We have links that we suggest some units that may be a good fit depending on your needs and budget !

We have as well a personal panic alarm to be worn!

Hopefully kids going to Kindergarten or your kids going to their prom or on a family vacation can have this patch and or sticker worn somewhere.
Amateur and professional travellers alike can benefit from this !

God willing we can save someone’s daughter for son from befalling the same fate as our son who we continue in our prayers for a miracle!


We shall use to our best of our ability donations and sales to promote and advertise and help in my sons legacy and my family’s legacy !

Thank you ?


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