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October 30th Thoughts

October 30th Thoughts

Healthy and happiness and peace and closure. God willing my son comes home. Jesse, God bless you and Sammi too and Toni! To all my friends and family my humble heartfelt appreaciation for being here during this ordeal with words of compassion and love and support!...

Search in the Andes

In my search for Jesse the Andes mountain range is vast ! All is possible Peace and closure! We must have more awareness, prevention and support! I’ll do what I can   

September 24

My son left today September 24 -2017 Please send me a picture to his health with a toast please ️ Let God be with him ️ Amen 

Putting up Jesse Protected Banner

Putting up Jesse Protected Banner

Photos and videos of us putting up a huge banner with the Jesse Protected logos, 8 feet high by 30 feet wide at Karmin at 1901 Trans Canada Highway, Dorval, QC, Canada. H9P 1J1       [gallery...

Press Release

Jesse Protected . Com is a web site to help us be protected in our day to day life while we are outside the confines of our home where we are safe and secure. We are proposing Jesse Safety Kits, with panic alarms, iron crests and stickers with warnings saying you are...

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