Jesse Protected

In Jesse’s honor, contributions to this fund support kids and their education needs!

You can view all of the current plaques at

If your school or religious organization or institution wants to get involved please contact myself at and we can discuss a plaque and the details! In doing so as well the discussion will be why or how did this fund come about.

The story will stay current and we can perpetuate more awareness, prevention and support!

God willing we shall make a difference.

Thank you to Rabbi Stern and the Rabbi’s congregation.

Prayers and hope!

Rabbi Stern and forty kids met me in Peru helping people in need and supporting me.

I was asked why I had faith!

I said it’s not only in the good times, but in the bad times to keep your resolve and faith.

To my girlfriend Toni love you!

Liz, Pamela and Gerard: thank you always for your support, prayers and kind words!

To my daughter Sammi I will not give up until we have peace and closure.


No stopping.