Jesse Protected

Jesse Protected . Com is a web site to help us be protected in our day to day life while we are outside the confines of our home where

we are safe and secure.

We are proposing Jesse Safety Kits, with panic alarms, iron crests and stickers with warnings saying you are protected with a wi fi symbol.

a GPS is required and we strongly suggest you go to a third party to arrange one and we hope to have a unit very soon as well to offer..

There will be events, blogs, alerts, safety checklist, emergency checklists and as well a Education Student Fund in my sons honor.

This will go to schools and companies and religious organizations or what have you.

There will be in the site that entities contact information to send donations directly as we will be only a portal to their information

Also Jesse was last seen October 1, 2017. at 3;30 pm.

I’m therefore launching today October 1 -Jesse Galganov International Missing Persons Day.

One minute of silence is proposed at 3;30 PM.

from now on..

Over four million people are lost and or missing every year ..

On the North side of the service road of the Trans Canada Highway west bound on the “Karmin ” building

a banner 8′ high x 30′ will be seen.

Peru and other places are dangerous as we carry cell phones and other electronic devices that make us a easy target and prey.

My Name is Todd Galganov , father of Jesse Galganov who is a honor roll student and got accepted to medical school at the age of twenty two with a full scholarship to be a neural surgeon in Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, USA.

My son decided to defer and take a eight month before starting his studies .

He was going to South America first and then India and then to the far east.

Going to Peru first, up a Andes mountain called Santa Cruz and the trail the same name is a generally easy mountain though its summit is 4850 meters in height.

Four days sine he left Montreal after 50-60 people saw him as he was going up th opposite way of all others which is still a mystery and three-fours hours from the summit of Punta Union last seen at 3;30 pm he was never seen again.

We have a team first from Mexico who after 4-6 weeks was let go and a team from Israel was hired to a cost of over two million dollars,

At this point only I know that he was seen going to the top and then no more information that gives any clue.

Im hoping and praying for more information.

My son was a football captain in high school and was loved and liked by all.

He just graduated from Weslyan University in Massachusetts with a 4.0 out of 4.0.

I know up in the mountain there are gangs and what not where they are primitive people and drink 100% proof alcohol..

I pray Jesse was taken away to; Illegal mines to work, Cocaine farms , Marijuana Plantations. There is human trafficking and gun smuggling,

Naturally if this was known he would have never gone. He thought it was so safe he not only went but alone though I pleaded with him to go with someone. I even said I would go till he met up with friends in Chile.

God willing I have put out a $500,000 USD reward and one day we shall find him.

We are therefore trying in his name to save other peoples daughter or sons from befalling the same fate and of course anything type

of assault near or far for that matter.

This companies quote is “The Company with a Heart”

My son has not been found…” So No Body, No Death. Where’s there Hope, there is Life”

I shall see him here or in heaven but his name will go on.

My son was very strong in the Movember cause and generating over $6,000 in charitable donations in one year..

He is a kind gentle sole and if not for anything else we will not be prey and just take it lying down anymore.

“Enough is Enough”

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Toni my girlfriend and myself have worked on this for over a year.

I walked up and down Peru and was for the ten months I was there alone constantly though about this.

God willing we shall find my son Jesse and his sister and his family and myself and my girlfriend Toni shall have a party which you are all invited,

God Bless